THOMASVILLE — Pet owners who have been unable to afford to spay or neuter their animals have the opportunity to do so this month.

February is SPAY USA month, a time when veterinarians offer spay and neutering procedures at reduced costs.

“We volunteer our time and effort because it’s important to the pet population to control overpopulation,” said Brenda Snyder, registered veterinary technician at Clanton-Malphus-Hodges in Thomasville. “Someone with low income might not be able to afford spay/neuter to fix a family pet so they won’t have unwanted puppies or kittens, so this is a good program for them. It also makes for healthier pets and cuts down on problems like mammary tumors and testicular cancer. Pets get them just like people. Some pet owners think it’s unhealthy to spay or neuter their animals, but it is actually healthier for them to have the procedure.”

Kim Arrington, director of operations at the Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society, said overpopulation is a concern.

“We take in anywhere from three to 25 unwanted pets every day,” she said. “Then think about how many of these pets are going to find good homes. There’s just not enough people for this amount of animals.”

Local participating veterinary hospitals are: Clanton-Malphus-Hodges; Thomasville Animal Hospital; Young’s Veterinary Hospital; Cairo Animal Hospital in Cairo; and, Dr. Bo Curles in Pelham.

Special prices are: $35 for male cats; $50 for female cats; $60 for male dogs; and, $70 for female dogs.

Arrington said pet owners would be responsible for paying their veterinarians at the time of the procedure for any additional costs incurred for obese animals, complications for pregnancy or for animals in heat.

In order to take advantage of the special price, the public is directed to contact the humane society at 228-0613 to make their appointments and payments for the spay-neuter procedures.

“This service is for families on fixed incomes, social security or disability, please,” said Arrington.

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