CAIRO — Officials with Archbold Medical Group anticipate the creation of 89 new jobs if a proposed nursing center is constructed next door to Grady General Hospital.

If the project is given the go-ahead, a new facility at the corner of 5th Street and 11th Avenue will provide both long-term and short-term care for residents.

Crystal Wells, administrator of Grady General Hospital, said the facility will provide treatment for complex medical services such as wound care, respiratory care, IV antibiotics and hydration along with comprehensive therapy that may include physical, speech and occupational therapy.

The budget for the project will be finalized after state approval and the development of more detailed architectural plans, Wells said.

Archbold has a long-term lease agreement with the Grady County Hospital Authority that provides a mechanism for funds to be set aside for hospital improvements, such as the construction of a new nursing home.

A certificate of need was submitted to the state several months ago in the hopes of moving forward with the project, but Archbold's proposal was denied. The decision was later appealed in a hearing in April.

Archbold received news that the hearing officer overturned the denial July 23.

The state now has 30 days to file an appeal to the decision.