THOMASVILLE — Police are investigating dog deaths discovered in late November, and they are asking for help.

Two people picking up trash on Chatham Drive on Nov. 23 detected a foul odor coming from a woodline near a bridge. Skeletal remains of a dog were found, along with a brown pit bull mix canine in a dog food bag, a Thomasville Police Department incident report states.

An animal control officer responded and found two additional dogs, also believed to be pit bull mixes, in the creek area under the bridge.

The carcasses were scanned for microchips. There were none.

The canines were photographed by animal control.

"The dogs were removed and disposed of," said Lt. Toby Knifer, Thomasville Police Department Criminal Investigations Division commander.

Four days later, a police officer was patrolling the Chatham Drive area and discovered a dead dog near the bridge.

"We're not finding additional animals anywhere else," Knifer said. "We believe it might be an isolated situation."

Detectives want to locate the dogs' owner — or owners — to determine why the animals died.

Anyone with information about the dogs should call 227-3302. 

Senior reporter Patti Dozier can be reached at (229) 226-2400, ext. 1820 

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