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THOMASVILLE-- The City of Thomasville and the Thomasville Police Department is encouraging the community to Trick or Treat for Halloween on Saturday, Oct. 30. TPD will be sponsoring the "Tips for Treats" program on Saturday evening for local trick or treaters.

Tips for Treats is about police interaction with the youth during Halloween, Sgt. Rachelle Denmark, public information officer for the Thomasville Police Department, said.

"Local youth are encouraged to approach police officers when they see them and give them a safety tip in exchange for a bag of candy," she said.

"The Thomasville Police are asking that the youth do not run to moving cars, but to try to get the officers' attention to give them a tip and receive their treat," Denmark said.

Basic rules to follow to have a safe and Happy Halloween include:

Inspect any treats for signs of tampering before eating them.

Do not eat candy that is not wrapped or fresh baked goods unless you know the source.

Use a flashlight and obey traffic rules when crossing or walking the streets.

Wear reflective colored costumes.

Walk on the sidewalks or as near to the curb as possible.

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