THOMASVILLE — A Thomasville police officer on patrol on Tuxedo Drive during predawn hours on St. Patrick’s Day noticed a number of streetside mailboxes were open.

According to a report, the officer found mail and paperwork along the street. A vehicle owner’s manual also was found on the street.

When the identity of the manual’s owner was determined, police learned the manual had been stolen from a car in the area.

Police are awaiting results of analyses of fingerprints taken from the mail in hopes of identifying suspects.

“If anyone captured suspicious activity on surveillance cameras, they should notify police to help identify suspects or get a physical description of possible suspects,” said Lt. Toby Knifer, Thomasville Police Department Criminal Investigations Division commander.

Any suspicious activity anywhere in the city should be reported, Knifer said.

Police are seeing an increase in vehicles being entered.

“I encourage people to secure their belongings and vehicles, particularly now that people are staying at home,” Knifer said. Be more vigilant in securing your property, and report suspicious activity.”

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