Pot patch found after illegal deer hunting report


CAIRO — The state Department of Natural Resources initially responded to a tip that a deer had been illegally shot, but it was the Grady County Sheriff's Office that wound up making a drug arrest.

DNR responded to a tip last Tuesday that a deer had been illegally shot at the Darsey Road property of Rydge Logan Clark. When a probation officer arrived to check on Clark, they discovered evidence of marijuana cultivation.

The case was quickly turned over to the sheriff's office, which executed a search warrant at Clark's property and uncovered 30 marijuana plants and multiple seeds, several of which were germinating. Investigators also seized items associated with packaging and sealing marijuana for distribution, such as machines used for shrink wrapping.

Lt. Michael Logue, a narcotics agent with the sheriff's office, said it appears as though Clark was growing the marijuana both for personal use and for sale.

Logue also found a .30-caliber deer rifle Clark is unable to possess due to a prior felony conviction.

Clark has been charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and manufacturing marijuana. Both charges are felonies.

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