THOMASVILLE — Some Thomasville residents' vehicles were fine when owners last saw them on recent nights. The next morning the vehicles' windows were riddled with damages from projectiles, according to reports.

In the last four days, 10 vehicles have been damaged, said Maj. Wade Glover, Thomasville Police Department public information officer.

"They're sporadic," Glover said. "They're all over the city."

Glover asks that  911 is called if anyone sees suspicious activity, such as people walking around with pellet or BB guns. Police also would like to know about activity that might have been picked up by residents' video surveillance equipment.

"They're all happening at night," Glover said.

Vehicles should be checked carefully for damage. Culprits are shooting at not only front vehicle windows, but also rear and side windows.

One victim did not realize his vehicle's window had been struck until he shut the door, and the window shattered.

"He had not seen the damage," Glover said.

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