“Bobby Bowden should have been gone five years ago. All that money he's making is a joke."

“How can a Meigs City Council member June Layton vote on Jimmy Layton's salary? They are husband and wife."

“I have an answer to the terrorist problem. We can't make water during this drought and if we run out, they can take over."

“The City of Cairo must have some lazy help to have to pay them a decent salary plus a bonus just to get a good day's work out of them."

“Anybody expecting an instant turnaround at FSU does not know football. It takes time to rebuild even with the greatest of coaches. You need look no further than Steve Spurrier at South Carolina.”

“I just want to thank Mark Lastinger for clearing up all the facts on FSU and the SEC. I also support FSU, but we can't argue with the stats. Well, I guess some folks do. In Rant and Rave, we can argue over anything. I guess that's what makes it so appealing.”

“Hey, Kevin Lee. Do you still say they won’t sell drugs to you in Meigs unless they know you?”

“If Jimmy Layton hadn’t done his job in 20 years, then where has Carlton Powell and the drug squad been? Carlton is over Thomas County. Why blame Jimmy Layton for all this mess? He doesn’t bring drugs in. Why don’t you pick up these dealers and not the kids? Carlton Powell has not done his job.”

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