Runaway teens charged with stealing firearms from vehicles


THOMASVILLE — Police were looking for two runaway teens Friday night when calls began about prowlers and people entering vehicles in residential areas off East Clay Street near where the missing teens lived.

On Briarcliff Drive, surveillance video showed two males who appeared to be prowlers and entering vehicles at the residences, then running away.

"A shotgun was left unsecured in a vehicle, and it was stolen," said Lt. Toby Knifer, Thomasville Police Department Criminal Investigations Division commander.

Prowler calls and people entering vehicles on Briarcliff and nearby Clermont Drive began to dovetail around 10 p.m.

On Clermont, a woman was unloading her vehicle and went inside. She returned outside and saw a car door open and the interior light on.

Knifer said two pistols were stolen from the vehicle while the woman was inside her house.

Contents of other unlocked vehicles were rummaged on Clermont. Purses were stolen from unlocked vehicles at Clermont residences.

Suspects are a 16-year-old male and Quayon McKie-Craft, 17. Each teen is charged with three counts of theft of firearm and four counts of entering auto.

McKie-Craft is in the Thomas County Jail. The juvenile is being held at the Loftiss Regional Youth Detention Center in Thomasville.

Knifer said the suspects were caught while trying to sneak back into their residence.

The stolen shotgun was recovered near the suspects' residence. Purses were found the next day during a daytime search.

The pistols have not been recovered.

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