Santos becomes front-runner for next Cairo chief


CAIRO — Interim police chief Giovannie Santos has emerged as a front runner to be named city police chief, according to City Manager Chris Addleton.

Addleton said Tuesday that no other candidates have been identified yet in the search to replace former police chief Keith Sandefur, but a general feeling has emerged that the job can be given to Santos if the 24-year police veteran is willing to take on the role.

Santos said he would "absolutely" accept the offer if it is extended to him.

"I have made my intentions known to the city that I would like the opportunity to lead the department and to continue to serve, with the community's interest at heart, to the best of my abilities as the department head," Santos said in an email.

Addleton added that there is no timeline on how long the process will take. The city manager maintains that the search does not to be rushed, in large part because he believes Santos is a capable interim chief.

Santos was appointed interim chief Dec. 4 following the sudden resignation of longtime chief Keith Sandefur, who had been charged with two counts of felony theft by conversion.

Sandefur's retirement was set to kick in at the end of 2019, but he died in a shooting incident Dec. 19.

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