THOMASVILLE — Help an animal find a loving home with Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society’s Adopt-A-Thon this weekend.

“Right now, we are at approximately 450 animals so we are full,” Carol Jones, executive director, said. “Last year we adopted 60 animals and we hope to be able to do that again. We’ve had a lot of people surrender pets due to rising costs and their financial situations. We’re hoping those who do have room and finances will come and adopt some of these animals and give them loving homes.”

Jones said, presently, the shelter can take in anywhere from 20 to 30 animals per day. Right now, these are mostly cats.

Many animals are currently in foster homes or awaiting transport to rescues.

“That gives us more room here,” Jones said.

To adopt, interested parties must have their driver’s license and a payment form of either cash, check or credit card (see box for rates).

“Be prepared for a 30-45 minute wait for an adoption,” Becky Alligood, office manager, said. “Save a life.”

Jones stressed people think about the responsibilities and requirements of owning a pet before adopting one.

“They really need to make sure they have an appropriate place for these animals,” she said. “The larger breeds have lots of energy and need space to run. People in rental spaces need to make sure their landlords accept pets or if there are any fees associated with having an animal. We want them to do their research before coming so they don’t waste their time.”

The Southeastern Community Blood Center will be on site Friday. Those who donate blood between June 16 and June 30 can register for a grand prize of an Emerald Coast Beach Getaway gift certificate or $100 BP gas gift cards.

The humane society is also raffling off a gas card in July.

Thomas County Emergency Medical Services personnel will be at the shelter Saturday and WTUF is also expected to spend time at the shelter during the event.

“There’s a lot of wonderful animals here,” Jones said. “If someone has the patience and room, they will make dedicated companions. If you have problems, we have some great organizations in this community that can help you with your pet. We really want to focus on animals and how great they are. These animals deserve to be in loving homes, not stuck on a chain or ignored.”

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