CAIRO — The Grady County Sheriff’s Office is preparing to dump fines and citations on people who are caught illegally strewing trash and household items in appropriate places.

“People are dumping trash near the bins, not in them,” Sheriff Harry Young said, “They’re dumping refrigerators and mattresses, and just garbage all over the place. It’s just getting out of control.”

He explained that large items should be taken to Cairo to the corner of 20th Street NE and Joyner Road or to the landfill.

He said people from nearby Georgia counties and out-of-state residents are guilty, too.

County residents who have property near the county’s dump sites have been coming to Grady County Commission meetings for months complaining that something has to be done. Farmers complain of garbage blowing into their fields, contaminating their crops. Others complain of trash being all over the dump site, in the ditches and along the roadways.

“We will start writing citations and patrolling the dumpsites,” Young said. “If it gets expensive for people to illegally dump and ‘Dumpster dive’ (climb into bins looking for items of value), they’ll quit.”

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