Shooting victims remain in critical condition


THOMASVILLE — Two Thomasville men have been identified as victims in a Saturday morning gunfire exchange in the 500 block of Grady Street.

Victims are Maurice Brinson, Thomasville, and Demetrius Blalock, Hambleton Street, Thomasville.

Blalock is in critical condition at Archbold Memorial Hospital, said Sgt. Scott Newberry, Thomasville Police Department Criminal Investigations Division assistant commander, while Brinson is in critical condition at an Atlanta hospital.

The victims were shooting at each other, the officer said.

"We collected multiple shell casings on the ground from both weapons," Newberry said.

A 9mm pistol was recovered from Blalock's vehicle soon after the incident as the victim attempted to drive to Archbold and wrecked near the intersection of Park Avenue and Grant Street.

The other weapon has not been recovered.

"We're trying to decide who the primary aggressor was," Newberry said. 

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