State trooper faces domestic violence charge


CAIRO — A Georgia State Patrol trooper was taken into custody following a domestic violence incident that occurred just outside the Grady County Sheriff's Office.

Trooper Justin Lee Davis was booked into the Grady County Detention Center on Oct. 18 on one count of simple assault, family violence; two counts of making terroristic threats and one count of simple battery. He was released on bond later that day.

Davis, who had been employed at GSP Post 12 in Thomasville since June 2018, was terminated the same day as his arrest. 

The Georgia Department of Public Safety released a statement saying that Davis violated their code of conduct with his arrest.

According to an incident report, Davis, 32, was involved in a parking lot altercation with the mother of his son and her boyfriend, Harvey Dustin Kilgore, on Oct. 13.

The incident, which occurred with children present, took place in the sheriff's office parking lot.

As the couple pulled into the parking lot to pick up Davis' son, Davis walked up to their vehicle and began arguing. The incident report states that Davis told Kilgore "if he ever put his hands on his son he would snap his neck."

All three adults began arguing, the report states, and Davis and Kilgore became involved in a shoving match. The incident report states that at one point during the altercation Davis appeared as though he was going to hit the mother of his child.

Multiple witnesses saw the incident take place, one investigator said. Law enforcement was called to the scene but no arrests were initially made.

The sheriff's office conducted an investigation into the incident which resulted in Davis' arrest last Friday.

"It's a difficult situation to have to investigate a fellow officer, but at the end of the day after having completed an investigation it doesn't matter what it comes down to," said investigator Chris Luckey, Grady County Sheriff's Office. "If there's a law being violated and there's a probable cause for arrest, then you have to proceed. As tough as it was, we found there was probable cause to submit arrest warrants."

No other arrests have been made in connection to the incident.

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