THOMASVILLE -- Yellow Jackets became Bulldogs Thursday, and vice-versa, as students from Thomasville and Thomas County Central high schools switched places for a day.

Robert Atnip, a Thomasville High student, came up with the idea after seeing "Switched," an ABC Family series in which teens switch schools for a day and compare experiences afterward.

Evie Stewart, who teaches English at THS and is the yearbook advisor, said the switch presented a chance for students to see how the other half lives. "Basically they're just switching lives to give them a perspective of what the two schools are like and the differences in the students and classes and the atmosphere," she said.

Amy Golden was selected as the student from Central, and Kayce Harrell videotaped her experiences for a show that will air next week at both schools.

Atnip spent the day at Central. His experience was filmed by THS' Devin Smith.

Golden said THS is not that much different than her school.

"Not really. Our classes have more people in them, but basically they're the same," she said. "The classes are the same pace, and the students are just the same as they are at Central. There was a little bit of taunting this morning, but they quit."

Thomasville students jokingly said things like, "Central students go home," Golden said. Both girls wore Thomas County Central shirts for the duration of their visit.

As they were about to return to their own school Thursday afternoon, the students were given Thomasville High School T-shirts, which display the school's Bulldog mascot.

"Thanks," Harrell said. "You're going to get us beat up!"

The two students were selected for the experiment by Central teacher Randy Young, who was interested to see how it would turn out.

"I think everybody's always curious about what's going on on the other side of the fence," he said. "Our students said it was a real neat experience. Everybody was real nice."

Atnip noticed a few more differences than his counterparts did.

"Classes were a little harder to find," he said. "There was a lot of walking, and you only walk in certain directions. You have to stay to the right in the hall.

"Besides that, awesome, just kind of relaxed. I have friends over here, and all the classes were pretty easy. Well, all except weight lifting -- I didn't like that one."

Overall, Atnip said his impression of Central was a good one, despite a few subtle differences.

"It's not that much different, but it's different. For instance at Thomasville High our classes are pods, and we have really long hallways. They do have bigger lockers at Central though -- that's no fair," he joked.

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