THOMASVILLE -- Two Thomasville High School students who detonated an explosive device on campus May 2 may still be able to graduate.

The students, Sean Gregory Howard and Michael David Quinif, both 18, were each charged with possession and manufacturing a destruction device and misdemeanor simple assault.

Each teen was released from the Thomas County Jail on a $7,600 bond.

Howard and Quinif were serving school suspension.

Principal Dr. Tom McCall said the two young men were taking final examinations Monday. Final exams also will be given today.

THS' graduation is Friday, but the teens won't be allowed to participate as part of their punishment.

They could, however, still receive their diplomas from the school at a later date.

McCall said that will happen if the two students meet graduation requirements.

McCall said he could not confirm whether the teens would be allowed to graduate. He cited student record confidentiality.

The students will probably find out Wednesday whether the school will award them diplomas.

"The students went to tribunal," McCall said. They appeared before the board Thursday.

"Their suspension was extended to the end of the school year," McCall said.

School ends Friday.

In addition, McCall said the two students were not allowed to be on any city school property with exception of the central office.

They also are not allowed to participate in any school activities, including Friday's commencement ceremony.

Meanwhile, a Thomas County Central High School student also is serving punishment for a prank the school discovered April 27.

Russell Allen Jones, 19, was serving suspension for letting air out of 75 Thomas County school bus tires when the bus garage was unattended.

He was charged with criminal trespass and with disruption and interference with operation of public schools.

He was released from the Thomas County Jail on a $1,100 bond.

Dr. Larry Green, Thomas County Schools superintendent, said Jones was also up for a tribunal recommendation.

"He withdrew from school," Green said.

Green said school administration told him Jones planned to pursue a General Educational Development (GED).

The school board proceeded with the tribunal hearing and the board found Jones guilty, expelling him indefinitely from Thomas County Schools, Green said.

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