CAIRO — The Cairo City Council is moving forward with an ordinance that would allow alcohol to be sold on Sundays.

A first reading of a proposed ordinance that would allow Sunday sales both by the drink and by package took place at Monday evening's council meeting.

The current wording of the proposed ordinance would allow retailers to sell alcohol between 12:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. on Sundays, though those hours may change before the council makes a final decision.

A final vote on the ordinance likely will take place sometime next month, possibly as soon as the council's Dec. 9 meeting, according to City Manager Chris Addleton. That vote could include a stipulation that the ordinance go into effect immediately in time for the holiday season rather than the usual prerequisite 30 days.

"I think one of the reasons that we wanted to go ahead and expedite this was to have it through the holidays for the businesses," said city council member Jerry Cox.

Voters approved two resolutions concerning the sale of alcoholic beverages earlier this month empowering the council to amend the city's code of ordinances.

City council members previously discussed holding a referendum coinciding with the November general election to address Sunday sales based on interest from residents and local businesses. A delegation from Tired Creek Golf Course appeared before the council earlier this year to directly request that such a referendum be held.

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