CAIRO -- The Grady County Sheriff's Department has arrested the man it believes is responsible for the robbery of a local convenience store.

Chris Masten, 25, of Cairo was arrested Friday night and charged with armed robbery, following a stick-up at the Quick Buys convenience store at Pine Park Nov. 26.

The store had been robbed three times during October and November. Masten is believed to have committed the most recent crime. The investigation process led authorities to believe he was responsible, Grady County investigator Steve Clark said.

"Talking to people in the area, and through the general investigation process, (sometimes) you get a lead and you follow it until it runs dry," he said. "This time we got on a trail and it kept producing and led us up to this."

Investigators believe Masten went into the convenience store with a semi-automatic pistol, bound the clerk and another man together in the drink cooler with handcuffs and made off with the store's cash.

"He came in brandishing a firearm," Clark said.

"There was a clerk in the store and a gentleman assisting with the mopping," he said. "He forced the man and the clerk behind the counter, and then forced the clerk to open the cash register and the safe."

Clark said the investigation is still ongoing. "He may still face more charges," he said.

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