Suspect removed from courtroom, restrained at jail


THOMASVILLE — A 22-year-old Boston woman charged Monday with offenses against Thomasville police was removed from a courtroom and restrained during a Tuesday bond hearing.

Latorcia Harris mumbled curse words and other profanity during the Thomas County Magistrate Court bond hearing, said Sgt. Scott Newberry, Thomasville Police Department Criminal Investigations Division assistant commander.

Thomas County Sheriff's Office Capt. Steven Jones asked Harris what she said. 

"She said it louder so everybody could hear it. It was profanity relating to the court proceeding," Newberry said.

Harris was removed from the courtroom by Thomas County Jail personnel.

"She was screaming, fighting with the jailers. She was taken to the ground in the adjacent jail," Newberry said.

Harris was placed in a restraint chair and turned over to jail personnel, Jones said.

Magistrate Roy Lilly denied bond.

She was charged Monday with two counts of aggravated assault on police officers and felony obstruction of police in an incident Monday morning at an Alexander Street residence.

Harris rammed the rear of a police car with her vehicle, wrestled with police and was tased, police said.

She threatened to drive her vehicle into a woman's house and threatened to have the woman killed, officers said Monday.

On Wednesday, July 15, Boston police charged Harris with criminal interference with government property, simple battery against police officer, disorderly conduct and two counts of felony obstruction of officer, jail records state.

She was released from jail Saturday, July 18, on a $4,600 bond. 

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