THOMASVILLE — A suspect told drug agents he could not possibly be charged with trafficking in a illegal substance because of his location when the contraband was found.

Thomas County/Thomasville Narcotics/Vice agents put an apartment at 309 W. Marshall St. under surveillance because of drug activity at the residence.

“We decided to make some buys there. We bought some spice there,” said Louis Schofill, narcotics/vice commander.

A search warrant was executed at the residence by drug agents and Thomas County Sheriff’s Office investigators. An investigator looked in a coffee pot and found spice where coffee ordinarily is placed for brewing.

“We located two ounces of spice, which is a trafficking amount,” Schofill said.

The apartment occupant, 30-year-old Sedarian Johnson, was charged with trafficking in a Schedule I drug.

“He claimed ownership of the spice but refuted the trafficking charge, because he said he was not in traffic in his car, that he was in his house,” the commander said.

Agents attempted to describe the charge to Johnson.

“He could not comprehend the charge and insisted he wasn’t driving,” Schofill said.

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