THOMASVILLE — The suspect in a drug case was asleep on a sofa when drug agents executed a search at his residence predawn Tuesday, according to reports.

Thomas County/Thomasville Narcotics/Vice Division agents executed the search warrant at the 1325 Warner Wood Valley apartment of Shavoriss Barnhill. 

"His girlfriend became highly irate," said Louis Schofill, narcotics/vice commander.

The girlfriend, Ricquita Watt, 37, 1325 Warner, pushed a drug agent and was charged with obstruction.

Undercover drug buys had been made at the apartment for a couple of weeks before the search warrant was executed. Schofill said narcotics/vice learned large amounts of spice, synthetic marijuana, was being sold at the residence.

Drug agents found a "baseball-sized" amount of spice at the apartment and a small amount of marijuana in Barnhill's pocket.

Barnhill was wanted on a probation violation warrant.

Schofill said spice is a green, leafy substance that resembles oregano or marijuana. It is sprayed with a chemical compound that provides a high similar to that of marijuana, the commander said.

Barnhill is charged with possession of a Schedule I drug with intent to distribute and misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Senior reporter Patti Dozier can be reached at (229) 226-2400, ext. 1820 

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