Tallahassee business donates to Bishop Hall

Dr. Verna Wiggins, principal of Bishop Hall Charter School and Regina Beasley, teacher at Bishop Hall, accepted a generous donation from a Tallahassee business that will go toward new school supplies for students. 

THOMASVILLE — Bishop Hall Charter School staff members were excited to accept a generous cash donation from a Tallahassee, Florida business along with more helpful school supplies for the new school year.

Community Thrift Market has been giving book bags filled with school supplies to the Thomas County Schools for the past few years but decided to include a $500 donation provided by Tallahassee Action Grants, a non-profit organization.

“This year we decided that instead of buying the stuff, we would allow them to use the money for whatever they needed,” Karen Loewen, market manager for Community Thrift Market, said. “We’re always interested to help whoever needs it regardless of where they live.”

Regina Beasley, a teacher at Bishop Hall Charter School, said the money will go toward providing students with needed resources, such as professional dress attire or more school supplies. 

“Sometimes the students don’t have basic things," Beasley said. "A lot of times we dig into our own pockets and make sure these children's needs are met, but when we have donations like this, we can help even more children."

Bishop Hall was just one of many other schools and organizations that the Tallahassee non-profit organization helped. Loewen said this year over $400 worth of school supplies were distributed.

“The money we raise from the store (Community Thrift Market) is what goes to Tallahassee Action Grants, and they distribute the money,” she said.

Receiving the donation is what Dr. Verna Wiggins, principal of Bishop Hall, said confirms there is an abundance of community support for students in need.

“I am very excited. Money does not feel like money to me right now,” she said. “Receiving the donation, it fills my heart to know that someone out there cares about what we’re doing to try to educate our children,”

Loewen said it’s easy to support schools like Bishop Hall when she sees all they do for their students. 

“We appreciate everything the school does for their kids, and I know they have a very dedicated staff. We’re happy we can help,” she said. 

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