CAIRO — A set of pay boxes at Tired Creek Lake were recently robbed of their contents by an unidentified thief who stole an unknown quantity of cash.

Lake director Mike Binion said he usually empties the boxes of their contents each day, but when he left town for Memorial Day weekend there was no one present to collect the money.

When Binion returned to the lake, he found that a thief had somehow cut the locks protecting the boxes and absconded with the cash inside.

The lake director said he had no idea how much money the thief may have stolen.

"Who knows?" he said. "Some weeks we've had as much as a thousand dollars (in the boxes), some weeks we have a hundred dollars. It's all different. There's no way to tell."

The boxes themselves were undamaged, and the only piece of evidence remaining at the scene was a latex glove.

Visitors to the lake place cash in envelopes and drop it off inside the boxes and retrieve a mirror tag in return.

Binion said similar thefts were once a regular occurrence when the boxes were first introduced, but steps were then made to strengthen their hinges and latches.

"We did some work to the boxes to beef them up, basically," he said.

No one had been able to figure out how to break into the boxes after they were strengthened until the Memorial Day weekend theft.

The boxes have since been reinforced with a new set of locks, which Binion said should make it more difficult for thieves to steal their contents.

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