The 237 August graduates of the General Education Development Test at Southwest Georgia Technical College earn a collective thumbs-up this week. They have undoubtedly improved their lots in life because of their persistence and dedication.

More than 95 percent of U.S. employers consider GED graduates the same as traditional high school graduates in regard to hiring, salary and opportunity for enhancement.

Those interested in joining SWGTC's Adult Literacy Program should call 225-5293 or 377-5448.

Thomas County school and law enforcement officials deserve a prophetic thumbs-up because their prediction about traffic flow in front of Cross Creek Elementary School came true.

Since a chaotic debut on Monday, the new one-way plan designed for Clark Road is working much better. Cross Creek principal Dusty Kornegay and Thomas County deputy Steven Jones correctly suggested the system would be successful once drivers became accustomed to it.

Obviously, the parents who deliver and pick up their children at the school deserve a great deal of the credit for making it work.

This week's thumbs-down is red with embarrassment. The Thomas County Chapter of the American Red Cross may find itself unable to come to the rescue in the case of an emergency because donations have almost dried up.

Local board chair Diane Harlan said this week, "Right now, our cupboard in pretty empty."

The Red Cross, a crucial element in disaster preparedness and relief, depends solely on contributions from individuals, businesses, churches and civic organizations. It cannot do its job without people who will give their time and money.

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