TPD dealing with reports of aggressive motorbike riding

Photo courtesy of Thomasville Police DepartmentA tip led Thomasville officers to this cache of reported stolen motorcycles and motorbikes.

 THOMASVILLE — A rash of reports on motorcycle and motorbike riders racing and driving recklessly may have led to police to finding a cache of stolen rides.

Thomasville Police have been fielding calls in recent days on motorcycle riders racing, driving through yards and driving aggressively.

“We had received several complaints over the last month or so,” said Thomasville Police public information officer Maj. Wade Glover. “On several occasions, our officers have attempted to stop the cyclists, but they refused to stop.”

Due to the severity of the crime, officers chose not to pursue, Glover said, for safety reasons.

On Sunday, at approximately 7:30 p.m., officers were monitoring the area around Stevens and Green streets and saw two cyclists riding with what appeared to be masks covering parts of their faces. Officers attempted to make a traffic stop and the cyclists fled. The officers did not begin a chase of the cyclists.

Not long after that, the police received a tip about several motorcycles and minibikes behind a Magnolia Street residence. Officers discovered 10 such motorcycles and later confirmed that nine of them were stolen out of Grady County, Glover said. 

Glover said the homeowner was very cooperative with police and told officers she did not know who owned the motorcycles.The motorcycles were collected and placed into evidence.

“We’re trying to determine who had possession of the motorcycles at the time they fled from the officers,” Glover said.

Authorities also are asking residents that if they see a cyclist in their neighborhood driving aggressively or in an unsafe manner to call police. Residents also are asked to get a description of the bikes and to provide a location where the riders may be hanging out.

Glover also said that if a resident knows someone who has a motorcycle and is participating in the reckless and aggressive riding to encouraged that rider to stop before getting hurt seriously.

Glover said officers made a great decision not to pursue what appeared to be juveniles riding.

“It is not worth risking their lives as well an innocent person’s life for a misdemeanor offense,” he said.

The TPD also thanks the residents for helping find the stolen motorcycles and motorbikes, Glover said.

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