Thomasville police, city representatives and others help cut the ribbon on a new TPD subatation on Normal Lane last week.

THOMASVILLE — The Thomasville Police Department has opened its new substation located on Normal Lane.

The substation building, which opened September 28, was once an abandoned community building provided by the Thomasville Housing Authority.

“We haven’t utilized the community buildings in years, so we came up with the idea that it would benefit the tenants and the Housing Authority if the police department was to use it," Mike House, executive director of the Thomasville Housing Authority, said.

Maj. Wade Glover, TPD public information officer, said having the substation will help increase police presence in the community.

“More visibility and officer presence, that’s the whole goal of this particular initiative," he said. “Everything the police department does revolves around our community, so we’re trying to get out in our community more.”

Glover added that the substation also will decrease crime in the Normal Lane area. 

“Bottom line is people feel safe when officers are in their community,” he said. “Getting to learn our people and in turn they get to know us, that’s what causes your crime reduction.”

The Normal Lane police substation becomes the second substation in Thomasville after the Faircloth Homes Substation was opened in 2015 on North Stevens Street. 

Since the grand opening, House said he’s gotten positive feedback from tenants who live around Normal Lane.

“The tenants feel safe knowing that the police department is utilizing the building,” he said.

Going forward, Glover said there are plans to add an exterior phone for the public and blue lights around the substation. 

“It’ll probably be after January of next year. Thats a budgetary item as well, so we’re having to take steps in getting this substation up and running like we need it to,” he said.

There also will be open houses hosted at the substation that Glover said will allow residents to meet officers and see the new facility. 

“We want to make sure they understand where the substations are located so they can actually go there,” he said. 

Glover hopes in the future there are more opportunities to open more substations throughout the community. 

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