THOMASVILLE — The Thomasville Police Department and community have joined in an effort to provide an even safer community through a program known as Crime Stoppers. 

The program, Thomasville Crime Stoppers, will begin to take calls on Jan. 17.  Thomasville police, the Thomasville Times-Enterprise, Thomasville Crime Stoppers executive board of directors and Thomas County dispatch will partner to bring this program to the community. 

The purpose of Crime Stoppers is to assist law enforcement with information on unsolved crimes, wanted persons and other criminal activity, lessen neighborhood tensions, promote community involvement in all aspects of law enforcement, promote a community offensive against violent and property crimes, motivate the public to cooperate with law enforcement and to reward such cooperation. 

Thomasville Crime Stoppers will have a page in the Thomasville Times Enterprise every month with the photographs of wanted persons who are not cooperating with police to take care of warrants or other matters with the law.

A summary of unsolved and cold cases will run periodically in the paper, crime tips from the Thomasville Police Crime Prevention Office, and a message from the Chief of Police will be some of the featured items on the Thomasville Crime Stoppers page. 

Wanted people will have until 5 p.m. press time to clear their warrants or they might have their picture and charges printed in the paper.

“The Thomasville Police Department is encouraging people who have active criminal warrants on them to turn themselves in to law enforcement or run the risk of their mug shot appearing in the paper,” Sgt. Rachelle Denmark, Thomasville Police Department public information officer.  

“When it comes to the Thomasville Police Criminal Investigation Division solving cases, Thomasville Crime Stoppers will be a perfect means for citizens to assist in the case,” Denmark said.

Any information about a case can be relayed to law enforcement through an anonymous call to the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 227-3305. All transactions are confidential and the phone line is not recorded or traceable. 

Tipsters will receive an assigned number when they call the Crime Stoppers Tip Line and might be eligible for a reward up to $1000 if their information proves to be valuable in solving the case. An Executive Board of Directors runs the Thomasville Crime Stoppers Program — the police department only has an officer to serve as a liaison to assist with information to run in the paper and other media means and answer questions. 

Thomasville Crime Stoppers is a non profit program and plans to open up membership to any citizen interested. The executive board has all the voting rights and decides on reward amounts granted to citizens who are only known as the number they are assigned when they call the Crime Stoppers Tip Line. 

Crime Stoppers is funded by private donations and fundraising with no tax dollars involved. “The Thomasville Police Department is proud to be involved in this program and the volunteer executive board of directors, comprised of local citizens and business owners, has done an excellent job organizing the Thomasville Crime Stoppers Program,” Denmark said.

“There is always someone who has information that can help solve crime. This program will help the Thomasville Community become even more attractive to visitors and people planning to relocate,” Denmark said. “Thomasville Crime Stoppers benefits the community in making Thomasville an even safer place to live and work.”

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