Tyler: Some council members fell under a spell


THOMASVILLE — Changes and adjustments in city government should be made with precision, according to a candidate for the Post 1, District 1 seat on Thomasville City Council.

"They need to make changes with surgical precision, as opposed to a hatchet or machete," said candidate Nathaniel "Nate" Tyler.

The council has strayed from the charter, he said.

"Council's responsibility is for long-range planning and forecasting the direction of the city, capital expenditures and infrastructure and repairs," Tyler said, adding that the formula worked well during his 41 years of city employment. "It's just a good, solid formula."

"There appears to be a movement to involve the council in day-to-day operations of the city," continued Tyler, former solid waste/public works manager. 

Day-to-day operations of the city, he said, are the responsibility of the city manager and department heads.

"More than one (council) member fell under the spell and control of some community individuals who had large sums of money and used that money to have their way with city council," Tyler said. "Some might have businesses here but live elsewhere. They're using their money to achieve short-term goals and leaving the town to deal with long-term consequences."

The candidate said a primary reason he is seeking a council position is to attempt to refocus the community's attention back on council duties outlined in the city charter — "strategic planning, working on transparency and inclusiveness with the public every step of the way as mandated by the charter and open records rules that govern the council's behavior."

Like any community, Thomasville can be improved, "but we're not required to destroy the city to make improvements," Tyler said.

The community, he said, has many residents who put the community before personal interests or goals.

Tyler pointed out Archbold Memorial Hospital and Archbold's cancer treatment facility, along with the city's early electric and water plants, among other assets, that show a long history of residents' commitment to the community.

"They (assets) were brought to us by forward-thinking individuals who invested time and money to make Thomasville a wonderful place for everybody," he said. 

Senior reporter Patti Dozier can be reached at (229) 226-2400, ext. 1820 

NAME: Nathaniel Tyler

AGE: 64

ADDRESS: 208 Cloverdale Drive

OCCUPATION: Retired from the City of Thomasville and U.S. Army National Guard

FAMILY: Married to Gwen Cooper Tyler, adult children, 11 grandchildren

EDUCATION: Bachelor in criminal justice from Thomas University, graduate of FBI National Academy

CHURCH: Member of St. James Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Pavo, attends Disciples of Jesus Church in Thomasville

MILITARY: U.S. Marine Corps, Army National Guard active duty

CIVIC: Thomasville Rotary Club, Keep Thomas County Beautiful board, Solid Waste Association of North America, American Public Works Association of America

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