Candidates and other interested onlookers gather to watch the returns come in Tuesday night at the Thomas County Judicial Complex. 

THOMASVILLE — The Thomasville City Council District 1, Post 1 seat is going to a runoff.

Former public works director Nate Tyler garnered the most votes, 388, and Wanda Warren was second with 370 out of 1,091 votes cast in the election.

Incumbent Terry Scott was third with 333 votes

“I would liked for it to have been over tonight,” Tyler said. “But my group and I are prepared to see it to the end. If we have to put in more work, we’ll dig a little deeper and see it through.”

Scott, whose term now comes to an end, said he had no regrets about the campaign he conducted. He also said it will take some time to decide before supporting one of the other candidates.

“It’ll be the candidate who can help run the city the best,” he said. “I’ll give it two or three days of thought and then decide who I am going to support.”

Jay Flowers, who was unopposed for re-election to his District 2, Post 1 seat, received 989 votes.

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