TALLAHASSEE, Florida — J. Morgan Varner has been hired as the director of fire research at Tall Timbers. 

Tall Timbers has made significant investments in fire research, training, and outreach as a result of the institution’s strategic plan goal to expand, improve and protect the use of prescribed fire. In this new position, Varner will coordinate Tall Timbers’ local to international collaborations aimed at improving our understanding of fire behavior and predictions of fire effects on plants and animals. 

Varner has the background, knowledge, and expertise for the position. He has a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary ecology from theUniversity of Florida School of Natural Resources and Environment, an M.S.inforestry from Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, and a B.S.inforest rResources from theUniversity of Idaho College of Forestry, Wildlife, and Range Sciences. 

From 2014-16, Varner was the chair of the Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils, Inc. Varner comes to Tall Timbers from the USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station Seattle, Washington where he was Team Leader and Research Biological Scientist at the Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Lab