Wanda Warren

Wanda Warren

THOMASVILLE — After winning the Thomasville City Council runoff election Tuesday, Wanda Warren said she will represent all Thomasville residents, not only those in the District 1.

Warren won the election by a 32-vote margin with 428 votes to 396 ballots cast for Nate Tyler, a retired longtime city employee also vying for the Post 1 seat.

Thanking supporters for their confidence, Warren said, "It's  been a very interesting campaign." 

She wanted to keep her campaign positive — "and I did."

At election returns at the Thomas County Judicial Center, Warren said she will represent all residents to the fullest extent of her abilities.

A Thomasville native and independent consultant, Warren thanked her mother, Thomasville resident Christine Warren, for encouraging her to seek the council seat.

Warren said her first order of business after taking office in January will be to attend required state training to learn how to carry out duties of a city council member.

Tyler congratulated Warren on her win as soon as the final vote tally was in.

"I wish results had been different," he said, "but I respect the will of the people. The people had a choice, and they chose Wanda. I'm good with that."

Tyler was the top vote-getter in the November general election with 388 votes to 370 for Warren. Terry Scott, incumbent District 1, Post 1, council member, garnered 333 votes in November.

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