THOMASVILLE — One South Georgia Superintendent is literally giving members of her staff "a shot in the arm" as she has joined the ranks of the school’s nursing staff to administer life-saving COVID-19 vaccines to school employees.

Thomas County School Superintendent Dr. Lisa Williams, who began her career in education as a school nurse before climbing through the ranks as school counselor, then district office director, and assistant superintendent before being appointed county school superintendent in 2018, has maintained her certification as a registered nurse. She recently joined the school system’s nursing staff to be trained by Archbold Hospital to administer the COVID-19 vaccines.

When Governor Brian Kemp authorized the administration of COVID vaccines to school system staff beginning March 8, Dr. Williams quickly confirmed plans with Archbold Hospital to obtain vaccines for school system employees.

Vaccinations began Monday morning, March 8, and will continue until all school system staff members who want to receive a vaccine are inoculated.

"Our system has been proactive in protecting the health and safety of students and employees with guidelines, resources and support throughout the pandemic," Thomas County Central High School's Principal Trista Jones said. "Providing the COVID-19 vaccine for employees as soon as possible and securing vaccine locations on every school campus are further examples of the Thomas County School System prioritizing the well-being of employees. Dr. Williams has been very hands on throughout the process, even to the point of giving me the shot herself! I'm proud to be a vaccinated Yellow Jacket!"

Dontavis Sapp, a teacher at Thomas County Central and a member of its football coaching staff, said he was nervous and on the fence about getting the vaccine.

“I was trying to do my own research,” he said. “As I read a little more and researched a little more, it made more sense to get it. 

I’m appreciative the Thomas County School System was able to provide the shot for us teachers and staff.”

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