THOMASVILLE -- Winn-Dixie management reported a burglary of its office to the Thomasville Police Department at about 5 a.m. Saturday.

This is the second incident concerning the store since January.

Lt. Mark Scott, Thomasville Police Department's public information officer, said the burglar left with approximately $420 in prepaid phone cards.

According to Thomasville police Chief David Huckstep, the burglars did not force their way into the building, and likely left through the back door.

"We are not sure how they made entry," said Huckstep. "There is a possibility they concealed themselves in the store when it closed."

They did, however, enter the store's office.

According to the police report, the lower right corner of the office's glass door was broken, allowing the burglars to reach into the office and open it from the inside.

The report said officers searched the roof of the office, but found no evidence of entry points.

The investigation is ongoing.

This search coincided with the previous search of the store, which was broken into Jan. 30.

During that break-in, police found tools near a safe, but it was not successfully broken into.

The burglars are suspected of entering the store through air-conditioning ducts in the roof.

According to Scott, no one has been caught regarding the incident.

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