THOMASVILLE — A Pelham woman released from the Thomas County Jail on a forgery offense was charged with the same crime in Grady County Tuesday night.

Deidra Rose Palmer, 22, was a suspect in a counterfeit money case in Grady County when she was arrested by Cairo police near a supermarket — allegedly after passing funny money.

Thomas County Jail records show Palmer was released Jan. 20 on a $3,600 bond. She was charged with first-degree forgery.

“On Valentine’s Day, she went into a little country store out in the county,” said Lt. Steve Clark, Grady County Sheriff’s Office chief investigator.

That day, the investigator said, Palmer made two visits to the store in the Spence community north of Cairo.

On the first, according to Clark, she made a small purchase and paid for it with a $10 bill. The clerk was busy with several customers. When the suspect returned two hours later, made a second small purchase and presented another $10 bill, the clerk detected the bill was not legitimate, Clark said.

The first $10 bill was in the cash register. “Both $10 bills had the same serial number,” Clark explained.

The clerk went outside and made eye contact with Palmer, who drove away, the investigator said.

The clerk called 911. Warrants for Palmer’s arrests were issued Tuesday. On Tuesday night, she was arrested.

“She had tried to pass a $20 bill at a Cairo supermarket,” Clark said.

The investigator said Palmer presented the bill to store personnel who realized it was a fake. Employees called 911.

“A Cairo police officer spotted her leaving the area and stopped her,” Clark said. “ ... A fake bill is not that hard to find.”

Palmer is charged with two counts of first-degree forgery. A third count — and possibly more — is pending. The suspect remained in the Grady County Jail Wednesday night.

Clark said investigators are trying to determine the source of the funny money.

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