OCHLOCKNEE — It may look like the set of a scary movie, but the atmosphere at the home of Jane and Tommy Sadler is anything but frightening.

The Sadlers, both in wheelchairs and missing a leg from Peripheral Vascular Disease (a gradual blocking/hardening of the arteries), have decorated their home at Halloween for more than 15 years. They currently have approximately 80-90 pieces on display and add a new item each year.

“I love seeing the children when they come by and see it all lit up,” Jane said. “They think it is so pretty, and we burn it for a few hours at night because a lot of people ride by.”

It takes the Sadlers about a week to decorate and they get help from friends and family members.

“My mom decorated, too, and it’s just a family tradition,” Jane said. “We’re keeping that tradition going. I enjoy getting out and decorating. We get adults stopping by a lot, too, who tell us they’ve never seen anything like our yard. It makes me feel good to know people are enjoying the decorations as much as I enjoyed the decorating process.”

The new acquisition to the Halloween arsenal this year is an inflatable chest that, when opened, out pops a skeleton man.

“Every year children look forward to seeing what is new to the yard,” said Penny High, the Sadlers’ niece. “I’m very proud of my aunt for doing this. It gives my children and the community children a tradition to enjoy.”

Jane said she and her husband are proud of their hard work.

“We try not to feel sorry for ourselves,” she said of their limited mobility. “We enjoy doing things. We have our moments but always say, ‘I’m going to get this stuff up,’ and we do it. It’s all in the mind. There’s so much life out there, and the holidays always give us something to look forward to.”

High said people come by the truckloads to view the decorations and her children start their trick or treating at the Sadlers on Halloween.

“It’s all about the children and having fun,” she said.

Tommy said he enjoys getting out and decorating with the family, even though it wasn’t something he did until he married Jane.

“It was a new experience for me,” he said. “I never thought I’d be doing this every year, but with my wife, I know I will be now! I think the lights are my favorite decoration.”

Jane is partial to pumpkins because they are “bright,” but other festive items placed around the yard include witches, ghosts and scarecrows.

“More and more houses in the area are decorating for Halloween,” Jane said. “I like that we are setting the standard, but there’s nothing scary. It’s just pretty.”

The Sadlers said, when the Halloween decorations come down, they’ll start cleaning and decorating the yard for Christmas, to be plugged up after Thanksgiving.

“I just love being able to decorate and share my enthusiasm with others,” Jane said. “I enjoy watching people’s faces when they drive by our home.”

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