CAIRO — A hand recount of more than 10,000 ballots cast in this month's presidential election did not appear to alter any vote totals in Grady County, the county's election supervisor said.

Election night tallies saw President Donald Trump receiving 7,027 votes in Grady County to former Vice President Joe Biden's 3,608, with Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen picking up the remaining 54 votes. Election supervisor Denise Maddox said those figures were unchanged by the time the recount was completed Friday.

"I don't foresee any change (in the vote tally)" Maddox said Monday.

A total of 10,689 ballots were reviewed by hand — a four-and-a-half-hour process that Maddox said did not reveal any indications of voting irregularities or fraud.

"We counted how many Trump and Biden names we have on ballots," she said.

The elections supervisor was already prepared to submit the county's final tally to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's office Monday morning, well ahead of their November 20 deadline.

Counties across Georgia began a hand recount last week of the nearly 5 million votes cast in the presidential contest after Trump and his supporters cast doubt on the state's tight election results. Initial tallies showed Biden winning Georgia by about 14,000 votes, or less than three tenths of a percentage point — the first time the most votes in the state have gone to a Democrat in a presidential election in 28 years.

Raffensperger says there is no evidence to back Trump's claims of widespread voter fraud in the contest.

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