TCC Science Fair

TCCHS Science Fair winners include (left to right) Kayden McClain, Jackson Carter, Kaden Lam and Jaclyn Maxwell.

THOMASVILLE – Questions got answers and hypotheses proved –or disproved – when Thomas County Central High School recently held its annual school-wide science fair. The overall winners were Kayden McClain (first place), Kaden Lam and Jackson Carter (second place), and Jaclyn Maxwell (third place).

“These winning projects were creative topics,” TCCHS Science Department Chair Meagan Bradshaw said. “Students did an excellent job incorporating many different science process skills.”

The school event remained virtual, so projects were uploaded and judged online. 

“Students were selected from advanced and honors science classes,” Bradshaw said. “We had about 30 projects that were judged. There were a variety of topics represented, from ecology to physics and behavioral science.”

Bradshaw explains that science fair allows students to investigate questions they pose by creating and conducting experiments.

“The experiment will produce data, and the students have to develop conclusions based on the data presented,” she said. “Usually, students pick topics that they have interest in or have extracurricular activities designed around that topic.”

Ninth-grader Kayden McClain’s fair-winning project is “pollutants in water.” McClain wanted to know what goes into the body when humans drink water, so she tested three samples each of well, city, and generic bottled water. Her results showed there were no pollutants in any sample.

“Its focus was trying to find the most common contaminants in waters,” she said. “Science has always been my favorite subject. [So] I took something I was around a lot – water – and made [it] a fun experience … and also … a good experiment.”

McClain was shocked and excited to win the school science fair.

“I did not expect it at all,” she said. “It’s really special and important to me.”

Kayden Lam & Jackson Carter earned second place with “Amp It Up.” The welding students looked at how amperage affected weld strength through PSI pressure. 

Jaclyn Maxwell took third for “Looney Tuning.” Maxwell, a member of the school’s marching band and music lover, explored the connection between science and music by examining the impact of humidity and temperature on the tune and pitch of musical notes. 

These projects – and the others selected for the TCCHS Science Fair – are eligible to advance to the regional competition. Students will represent TCCHS at the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Regional Science and Engineering Fair in Tifton on Feb. 10.

“I’m really grateful for this experience and can’t wait for region,” McClain said. “I will look over my project and make some fine tunes to it.”

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