Before I get started here, I want to make perfectly clear that this is not intended to be a pro-Republican column. I am not a Republican, although I have to say in the same breath that I am certainly not a Democrat, either. When it comes to politics, I am about as independent as it gets.

 With all that said, however, the charade observed at last week’s Democratic National Convention should leave a bad taste in every American’s mouth — including most Democrats.

 First, there was the debacle that occurred when the GOP discovered that “God” had been removed entirely from the Democratic platform. After pointing it out, panic ensued at the convention to get the word back into the wording to try to minimize damage. Doing so required a 2/3 majority vote among the delegates, and a verbal vote was the first thing to take place along those lines.

 It was obviously clear that there was no 2/3 majority of vocal support from those there. In fact, if anything, those opposing the change were more vocal. This was so clear that on the third attempt the moderator simply declared that the majority needed had been reached and the change to the platform was approved and that was all there was to it. A hail of boos followed, but quickly subsided.

 Given that this was the Democratic convention of all things, you’d think there would’ve been howls of displeasure from anyone who still respects the democratic process, because what happened was anything but. The blatant disregard for established procedure and for the very rules of the convention was insulting to the process that was supposed to be allowed to unfold, yet few apparently said anything other than ‘Oh, well” afterward.

 I believe that if those who ramrodded the change through have no more respect for the rules of their own party than they showed and, ultimately, the people that party represents, they should be identified by the party and removed from positions of leadership immediately. What convenient breach of procedure will be allowed next?

 Then there was the media spin that attempted to paint President Obama as “surprised” at the discovery of the word “God” being removed — as though he had no idea it had happened. If it is indeed the case that he didn’t realize it had been removed from the very platform that represents the party of which he is the leader, then how could that be? If any one person should have been intimately familiar with every tiny detail of the Democratic party platform, that should have been Barack Obama.

 A quick review of past platforms from Democratic conventions indicate a clear and deliberate pattern to remove God as part of them. Three conventions ago, God was mentioned eight times. Two conventions ago, it was down to four. Last convention, only one. So it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone — including President Obama — all references to God were completely removed.

 But let’s just say, for arguments sake, he and other top Democratic leaders really didn’t know. OK. Could they not have also noticed that transgender/lesbian/gay issues are mentioned more than jobs in the same platform? Or that abortion is referred to more times than the national economy? And, if they didn’t notice, again, how in the world could that be?

 The crux of this issue is simple: the controlling factors within the Democratic Party at the national level are more interested in liberal social issues than they are issues of economy, jobs, and the national debt, which were each 500-pound gorillas lurking in the room in Charlotte. And, to be sure, the omission of God from the party platform indicates all too clearly that anti-God (and not just anti-Christian) forces within the party are more influential today than most would have otherwise believed.

 If, in fact, those groups are steering party policy — which appears to be case — none of this should be a surprise at all to anyone, including our president.

 It has been said that President Obama has to reach out to moderate independent voters to be able to win the election this November. I can assure you that will not happen with this kind of lack of leadership within his party. Like me, many independents are anything but thrilled with Mitt Romney, but many will also see no other choice given the choice between the apparent faces of the two parties — and, no other route to go.

 With all this in mind, perhaps most disturbing moment of all came from one of the commercials run during the convention espousing the strengths of the Democrats. In one of them, the narrator states “…we all belong to different churches or different clubs…but government is the only thing we all belong to.”

 Again, there is no way Democratic leaders didn’t know what this ad said — and yet it ran. I don’t know about you, but I belong to no government — in fact, isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

 Given the fact that party leadership clearly doesn’t its their party accountable to God, I can only assume some within Democratic circles see government as their ultimate authority.

 And that, in the end, very well might be their undoing.


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