As thankful as we are for our law enforcement personnel and the job they do to keep the public safe, they also cannot do it alone.

There are times when the police, sheriff’s deputies and other agencies tasked with protecting us need our help so they can do their jobs. As we’ve seen in the last few days, such has been the case.

Family members reached out to police and arranged for the suspect in a fatal shooting last week to turn himself in without incident. That shooting took place in broad daylight at an intersection. 

The authorities can’t be everywhere at once. Last Friday afternoon is an example. Sometimes, they need the community’s help to not only sometimes find the bad guys but also stop crimes or other bad things from taking place. 

As Thomasville Police Maj. Wade Glover pointed out, Thomasville is a great community and a unique community but it is not immune to the tragedies that result from gun violence.

“We need leaders in our community to step up and work closely with law enforcement to educate these young men about gun violence,” Glover said. 

Whether it be through education or better communication, the police are looking for ways to prevent these incidents from happening. They are asking that if people hear something that might escalate into someone shooting another person to let the police know so that it doesn’t “rise to the level where somebody gets shot,” Glover said.

The crux of the matter is this — if you see something, or hear something, don’t be afraid to say something.