We encourage motorcycle riders to ride safely and urge all other motorists to be watchful of two- and three-wheeled vehicles on our roadways.

May is National Motorcycle Awareness Month.

Spring is a favorite time of year for motorcyclists and it can be an extremely hazardous time, according to state officials.

Motorcycles operate on the roadways with the same rights and privileges as any motor vehicle.

State highway officials consistently encourage motorists and motorcyclists to “share the road.”

Motorcycle awareness and safety has been a priority in Georgia for the past few years and for good reason. Motorcycle accidents are often fatal.

Here are some tips from the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program:

• Focus on driving/riding. Put away cell phones and other devices.

• Signal intentions and look before changing lanes.

• Use caution at intersections looking both ways before crossing or turning.

• Wear a state Department of Transportation-approved helmet, reflective gear and bright colors when riding.

• Evaluate your surroundings.

• Drive/ride aware and alert.

• Allow plenty of room between vehicles and avoid blind spots.

It should also be noted that motorcycle rallies and meet-ups often involve alcohol. 

As dangerous as it is to drink and drive a car, it is even more dangerous to operate a motorcycle while drunk or buzzed. Just don’t do it.

Motorcycle riders are encouraged to take a safety course at one of the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program-approved sites and to refresh skills and knowledge regularly. More information is available at www.dds.georgia.gov.

Ride safely.