After 30 years “on the job,” Troy Rich is hanging up the badge. 

The longtime lawman announced his decision to retire a little more than two months ago. His final day in uniform will be October 5, 2020. From that point on, he will be a civilian. 

He also no longer will be a Thomasville resident. He’s moving back to New Jersey, his home state. 

But in his 30 years in the Rose City, he’s become a part of the community. He rose through the ranks of the department, starting out as a patrolman. He was made assistant police chief in 2007 and was named the Thomasville Police chief in 2014. 

As City Manager Alan Carson put it, the city has expanded its community-oriented policing strategy under Chief Rich’s leadership and he has reached out to the community to build partnerships, communication and trust.

That was evident this summer as marchers calling for social justice and equality did so not under the watchful eye of the police but rather with their protection. Chief Rich also spoke at some of the rallies to describe how his department tries to work with the community.

It is true that a community needs law enforcement — and the law enforcement needs the help of the community. Officers can’t be everywhere at once, and they rely on the community to help them spot trouble. 

The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies also has given the TPD 10 awards of accreditation, the last of these coming in 2019.

The city soon may name Rich's successor. We hope whoever wears that badge as chief builds upon Rich’s successes during his tenure in Thomasville. 

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