It has been a little while since we have written about this but the problem has not gone away. 

Many of you are still texting and driving. 

Please put the phone down when you are behind the wheel. 

Texting and driving can be fatal. 

We have all been warned about the dangers. 

The state of Georgia has passed laws to help prevent it.

You have heard about all the serious injuries and deaths caused by it.

Still, many of you text and drive.

We wonder, what is it going to take to get you to stop?

Georgia’s “hands free” law has been in place for a few years now and still it is quite common to see people driving down the road, phone in hand, looking down and texting away. 

People continue to die on our roadways at an alarming rate and many accidents are attributed to distracted driving. 

The law prohibits drivers from having a phone or stand-alone electronic device in their hands or touching any part of their body while operating a motor vehicle on Georgia roadways.

A Bluetooth speakerphone, earpiece, electronic watch or wireless headset is allowed so long as it is not being operated by the driver’s hand. The use of GPS and navigational devices are allowed but drivers cannot have a phone in their hand or supported by any part of their body. The law is designed to prevent cellphones from interfering with a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle and keep attention on the road.

The law allows drivers to use “hands-free” technology to make or receive phone calls and use GPS devices, but drivers cannot at any time use their phones to write, read or send text messages, e-mails, social media and internet data. The use of voice-to-text technology is allowed, officials explained.

Also, the hands-free law prohibits drivers from watching videos as well as recording videos, though GPS navigational videos and continuously running dash cams are permitted.

You can listen to music through streaming apps on your phone, but you cannot activate their apps or change music through the phone while driving. Music streaming apps programmed and controlled through the vehicle’s radio system are allowed. Music streaming apps that also have video are not allowed since the law specifically prohibits drivers from watching videos.

Anyone still confused about what they are allowed to do when driving, you cannot have a phone in your hands or on any part of your body if you want to make or receive a phone call or use GPS. You cannot legally text, e-mail or surf the internet on your phone at all when you are driving.

Please put the phone down when behind the wheel and help keep yourself, your passengers and others on the roadway safe. 

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