At long last, improvements to South Pinetree Boulevard might happen sooner, rather than later.

Thomasville City Council members have approved a bid of almost $2.7 million to conduct the work on the stretch of the road that is long overdue — and has been a source of contention for quite some time.

If all goes well, construction will start in August. The winning bidder, Scruggs Company, has 180 days to finish.

The stretch of South Pinetree from West Jackson Street to Old Monticello Road will be resurfaced. Sidewalks along the north side of South Pinetree, from Providence Plaza to Magnolia.

There will be three left-hand turn lanes put in along the road — one onto West Jackson Street/Highway 319, another at the intersection with Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and one turning into the old Southwestern State Hospital property. And a roundabout will be installed at the Pinetree and Magnolia Street intersection. 

Given the path taken just to get to this point, a roundabout almost seems fitting. For the longest time, there was debate over to whom the road belonged. 

Then, the various plans for the road were brought forth — and residents along the way voiced their displeasure with some of the concepts presented. 

Finally, the city and the county collaborated, and with the help of state officials, got a $3 million grant from the Georgia Department of Transportation for the improvements. Eventually, the people’s voices for a two-lane road, with improvements, won the day. 

But at least, and at last, perhaps a safer and better South Pinetree Boulevard will be ready in a few months. 

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