Local businesses need your help. 

As things slowly return to normal and we try to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, stores, restaurants and other businesses in our community will benefit greatly from your patronage. 

We think you should support local businesses with your pocketbook.

Buying goods and services locally will speed up the pace of recovery, is good for the local economy overall and consequently good for the community.

Whether your prefer in-person shopping or the online experience, you can still shop locally because so many businesses offer high quality, convenient online experiences.

We encourage our readers to support businesses in our region, even when shopping online.

It simply makes sense to support businesses right here at home. 

Keeping your shopping dollars as close to home as possible, supports local businesses and bolsters the economy.

Every dollar spent locally represents an investment in the future of our communities.

Our community has diverse shops, clothing stores, discount retailers, quaint shops and electronic stores, so there is no good reason to travel out of the region.

Then, there is the important fact that local businesses have a great tradition of giving back to the community.

Local businesses donate back to local nonprofits, charities, schools and churches.

So, supporting those businesses supports all those organizations, institutions and agencies.

When you shop locally, you are helping to create jobs, fund local infrastructure and government services through your sales tax dollars and are helping to incubate further community development.

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of the middle class, the catalyst for economic growth and, in many ways, the character of a community.

When local businesses flourish, the community flourishes.

And we urge people to be patient and understanding as businesses reopen. Many businesses are training new staff and many are seeking more staff. 

Help Wanted signs are a common sight on doors and windows of local businesses. So are signs asking patients, clients and customers to be patient because so many businesses are understaffed at this time.

So, go to local businesses, shop, eat, enjoy but be patient, understanding and courteous.

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