Though Veterans Day is less than three weeks away, today marks another day in which we should keep our current members of the armed services in mind.

Today is National Day of the Deployed, honoring the men and women who are stationed in defense of our nation far from home.

For many of them, thankfully, their missions outside our borders are not incumbent with dangers and combat. But some of them are. 

According to vet friends, there are American troops in nearly 150 countries, about three-fourths of the world’s nations.

Regardless of the harm they face, they’re still away from home and often away from their families.

If you know of a military family or a family with a service member far away, see about sending a care package to that service member and their unit. You also can give to the USO. If you know of a family that has a service member deployed abroad, ask what you can do to help the family home. It could be something such as cutting the grass or changing the oil in a vehicle.

Find a way to offer support to a service member who may have no family back home. You can visit to find out how to send care packages and what to put in those parcels.

Help those soldiers and those families know how much the people back home support them and their missions.

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