The Live Better initiative has kicked off an interesting effort, the LB Fit.

Over the next 24 weeks, local gyms and fitness centers will take one person each and help guide them to a healthier and more active lifestyle. That, hopefully, will help reduce obesity and improve health.

Studies show that obesity is a continuing problem for Americans. It leads to a number of other health-related problems, including heart disease, stroke, sleep disorders, and diabetes, just to name a few.

So each gym and fitness center has one client, who will be shown how to lose weight safely. These aren’t crash diets they are following. The contestants are getting supervision from licensed dietitians, along with being shown proper exercise and fitness regimens.

Each of the 10 participants underwent free health screenings, getting measured and also undergoing blood pressure, glucose and lipid panel tests.

One of the goals of LB Fit is to make people aware of what is available locally that can help people improve their health and eventually the health of the community.

We also can track and follow their progress — and we encourage cheering each and all of the 10 people along their journey to better health — and there will be a final health screen at the end of the program.

Live Better began as a way to promote, encourage and establish healthier lifestyles within the community. We applaud the LB Fit measure as a way to show the community that a healthier lifestyle leads to a better life.