The latest occurrences of mass shootings has opened more debate on our nation’s gun laws.

We would like to know what you, our readers, think. 

What happened in El Paso, Texas, and in Dayton, Ohio, are tragedies. They are senseless and needless. 

On that, we can all agree.

There is also enough blame to go around for why innocent people in El Paso and Dayton were the next to be victims. Some other countries, USA Today is reporting, are warning their citizens against travel to the U.S. because of the mass shootings.

But we want to know from you how these shootings have made you feel and what you think should be done to prevent further such incidents.

Is this an issue of gun control? Is this an issue of mental health? Is there something more behind what has led to these shootings.

According to CNN’s database on deadliest mass shootings, more than 280 people have been killed in those incidents since 2010. 

Feel free to write letters to the editor to us on the subject with your thoughts. Remember, if you cite facts on any aspect of guns or gun violence, to use a credible source and one that is verifiable. We will not use any source of facts or statistics that we cannot verify.

But we do want to hear from you. 

As is our normal policy with letters to the editor, please include a daytime phone number (we won’t publish your number with your letter) and try to keep it to around 500 words. For a subject matter like this, we would like for letters to be around that length but we also want you to express your thoughts as sincerely and completely as possible, so that limitation may have some give to it.

You can write to us at Letters to the Editor, The Times-Enterprise, PO Box 650, Thomasville, GA 31799 or by email at