Long-struggling Meigs is precariously close to reaching the point of no return.

If its city council approves an ordinance to increase controversial Mayor Linda Harris’ authority at its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, Meigs will likely complete its relentless slide into oblivion.

The proposal redefines the mayor’s duties and those of the city administrator. Among other things, the mayor would be allowed to “recommend the appointment and termination of all officers and department heads of the city subject to the approval of the majority of council.”

Harris, facing a recall election next month, will likely achieve her goal of getting rid of Police Chief Gary Price if the ordinance is approved. He is at the center of her bull’s-eye even though Meigs’ crime rate has declined precipitously under his watch.

If Price — whose department has arrested Harris for stalking, threatening, theft and violation of oath of office in recent months — is fired, we predict he will become the next former Meigs employee to file a lawsuit against the city and receive a sizeable financial settlement. Five others, citing harassment by Harris, have already done so.

The city’s insurance was cancelled as a result of the lawsuits and its new policy doesn’t protect city council members or Meigs taxpayers from liability in future legal wrangling that is sure to occur if Harris’ power is broadened. A judge banned her from city hall because of her penchant for bullying city employees.

We encourage Meigs residents to voice opposition to the proposal during Monday’s 6:30 p.m. meeting at the Meigs Community Center. If this measure is not thwarted, you can expect Harris’ tyrannical tenure to get much, much worse.

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