They may have served on the front lines, watching as a Viet Cong mortar round landed next to them and failed to detonate. 

They may have guarded a weather station on Iceland for three years, far from the front lines, but nestled among a hostile populace.

They may have fought their way out of being outnumbered 15-1 in temperatures at 30 below zero. 

They may have served in tranquil spots among the Kentucky hills or the south Georgia pines and swamps. 

They may have served in lonely outposts scattered across America. 

They may have served in the chaotic streets of Baghdad or Fallujah.

They may have served in a thousand other places, some with death and despair at their shoulder or with being able to come home and see their family night after night. 

Regardless, they served and for generations, the men and women of our armed forces have been there to keep the wolf from the door, time and time again. They have been there at places with monuments and memorials and they have been there at places with no names and now lost to history.

We have new veterans every day, men and women home from service, be it at home or abroad. They deserve the best their county, our country, can give them, because we and the rest of the free world are we free because we got the best from them. 

Veterans Day is Monday. We encourage you to take part in the community event that morning and see the display that will be there at the Historic Thomas County Courthouse of some of our local veterans. 

Thank them, and thank the other vets as well. And keep them in mind, in your thoughts, prayers and efforts, for more than just one day a year. 

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