We have mentioned it before — and many times in the interim — and it continues to bear repeating. 

Do what you can to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Judging by the state Department of Public Health’s statistics, the number of COVID-19 cases in Thomas County grew by 21.7% from July 15-22. And that’s just the number from those who were tested.

Even the president has said the coronavirus will get worse before it gets better. While work on a vaccine is progressing, how soon — and to what scale — it will be available is unknown.

From June 4 to July 4, the number of people in Thomas County hospitalized because of COVID-19 grew by just four. Since July 4, it has grown by 33. 

That’s in 18 days, with figures as of July 22. 

Mask mandates are in place across the state in cities large — such as Savannah and Atlanta — and smaller — such as Hinesville. Gov. Brian Kemp has encouraged, and strongly so, the use of masks. However, he has refrained from making it a mandate across the state. Other states, including Alabama and Indiana, with Republican governors, have issued mask mandates. 

Remember in March when the nation first started “15 days to stop the spread” of COVID-19? Now, it continues to spread. And we’re just a little more than a month away from school starting. Our local schools have put a host of protocols in place for those who wish to return to traditional school. 

But to help cut down the spread and to help our kids go back to school safely, do what you can — wash your hands frequently, keep your distance, if you feel sick stay at home, avoid large crowds and if you have a mask, wear it. 

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